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Laser Therapy Foot Pain Relief / Fungal Toenails

pinnacle laser

In podiatry, Laser Therapy with a FDA Cleared Class IV laser is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as toenail fungus (onychomycosis), foot pain, neuropathy, neuroma, tendonitis, and arthritis. Many patients opt for lager surgery as a conservative alternative to more invasive methods that often come with side effects and extended recovery time. Our practice uses the Pinnacle Series Laser System from Aspen Laser Systems to effectively treat toenail fungus and pain in the feet.

The Pinnacle Series Laser System works by using specific wavelengths of light energy to vaporize the affected tissues being treated. Once the light energy enters the damaged cells, intercellular activity is stimulated, reducing pain in the area. Recovery after laser therapy is typically faster, with the patient having to suffer less pain and discomfort. There are generally no negative side effects, and the patient benefits from not only treatment of his or her specific condition, but also anti-inflammatory effects, improved blood circulation, and a faster healing period.

Laser Therapy is safe, comfortable, and effective. Treatment plants vary between patient and depending on the specific condition being treated. To learn more, contact your podiatrist today!

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